Sorry Charlie is a collection of veteran musician song writers from Newburyport .  All  four have played in many groups all over the country.  Now settled and living on the east coast and crossing paths with each other, they’ve come together and found great chemistry.  This blend of influences  ranges from Americana, folk, pop and punk.  Sorry Charlie’s mission is to be a high energy live ensemble, and collective song writing team. 

Patrick Chamberlin:  Vocal and Guitar:   Starting in the late 80s Pat started singing, sitting in with blues bands and jam bands.  In the 90s landing in Seattle and getting more serious about working as a musician he dedicated himself to guitar and songwriting.  Influences:   Allman Brothers, the Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters and Ryan Adams

Fritz Ericson:  Guitar and vocal:  Fritz was already an accomplished guitar player as a young man in the early eighties.  He started sitting in and working as a fulltime musician in the Boston area until landing a gig with a international touring band.  Influences:  The Who, Beatles, Bert Janch. John Fahey and the Band

Sean Hennessey:  bass and vocal:  growing up in the south, Sean was exposed to lots of live music, sneaking into and working small clubs.  In the mid 80s started playing bass, and moved to the Boston area.  He has done songwriting and  touring with original bands.  Influences:  Big Star, Replacements, Echo and the Bunnymen and Buzzcocks

Charlie Farr: drums and vocal:  In the late 80s Charlie started  drumming with original bands.  As he developed and honed his skills drumming, and crafting songs, he started playing guitar.  He is a multi- instrumentalist and song writers.  Influences:  The rolling Stones, Beatles, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Cream